About Me

Holly first began working in kitchens in Australia in 2011, and later moved to Portugal where she worked in a hotel, responsible for organising and hosting International Dinner Parties weekly.

Two years later she returned to the UK to fully qualify as a chef, taught by no other than Master-chef the Professionals winner, Gary MacLean.

Holly believes that "health" is not only about the food you put into your body or your exercise regime, it all begins with your state of mind and mental health. Having suffered with anorexia nervosa, Holly began to turn her life around with the realisation that food is never the enemy and that everything in life should be enjoyed.

The brand 'Healthy Chef Holly' bloomed from helping others suffering from similar issues, whilst Holly qualified as pastry chef and began working in several health food kitchens.

Creating well-balanced macros and using only the best whole food ingredients, Holly wants to share her creations with the world and prove that healthy food never has to be boring or tasteless - you can have your cake and eat it 😉